Are you an achiever, a smart-worker, an eager-learner who loves to solve the world's perpetual problems?

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What is is a financial technology (fintech) startup based in Indonesia. simplifies the process of finding and applying for financial product by bringing everything online. enables financial institutions and users to discover each other and allow them to make transactions easily.


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We are building the ultimate financial-product marketplace in Indonesia.

Our team hailed from Silicon Valley Tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Sofi as well as Indonesian startups such as Doku, Touchten. We have graduates from well known universities such as Universitas Indonesia, ITB, Stanford, University of Washington, Cornell and many others. We are building a company with the same culture of openness, transparency, drive and meritocracy as Silicon Valley companies. Join us in our cause to build a world class fintech company in Indonesia.


Our Journey so far

  1. 2014 Dec founded
  2. 2015 Apr
    Beta Launch
  3. 2015 Jul
    Received Seed Funding
  4. 2015 Aug
    Official Launch
  5. 2016 Sep
    Received Series A Funding
  6. 2018 Sep
    Received Series B Funding
  7. The Best is Yet to Come!

Our Core Values

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A healthy dose of hunger drives people to do more, to gain more, and to achieve more. We believe hunger will lead us to the next opportunity, above and beyond.

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Caring people have a high sense of responsibility and ownership, driving them to consistently improve their craftsmanship. We trust caring people shall bring the best out of our products.

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People Smart

Great people grow their peers by observing other people and being thoughtful of their actions. We trust them to bring the best out of ourselves, and also our products.

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Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. We believe humility is a key factor to reach excellences both as an individual and as a team.

At, we have six different teams, each with different challenges. Choose where you belong!

Know your way around the digital landscape? Love turning wants into need? We have just the right team for you.

Available Job Positions

Product people are mini CEOs. They strategize, they organize and they make things happen. If you think this sounds like you, we want you in our team.

Available Job Positions

Join us, to revolutionize the fintech industry!

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